Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I can honestly say I'm grateful for what I have. Some say they are, I know I did and many times didn't really feel it. But today, after this year, I am grateful and thankful for the wonderful people in my life, top person--my daughter. She is my best friend and partner in crime (not crime really but we do have a lot of fun). Without her, I'd have lost it and wound up in a mental hospital. I am so grateful and thankful to Bear, my dog who thinks he is a cat, Chaos, my psychotic Tortie, Sophie, the princesss cat, Vern, the troublemaker cat, and our Atreu, our monster cat (he weigh's 26 pounds). My family and my life. To the one who gave me such a wonderful family, is God. He led me through hard times and sadly, it's not over. With more surgeries in my future, I face more delays in writing, but with determination these will be the last and I can write as my mind and heart need to.

And last and never the least, to my fellow writers and all the dedicated readers and fans who leave me in awe and much gratitude for sharing the love of adventure and romance in the written word.

Happy Thanksgiving and may the Holidays bring families together and new and wonderful stories to share.



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