Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm back!!!

Sorry for the long absence, but the surgery on my shoulder went horribly wrong! Not only did I have a malfunctioning morphine pump that dumped 48 hours worth of pain reliever in two hours, but I had an infection set in. Then the fun began. Nine anchors was placed and ligaments were cut, repair done to my tendons and bicep. Took me two months to make my arm and fingers work again, not to mention the pain. I'm slowly returning to work and am able to do edits on several books that have left New Concepts.

There is a much more important event I have to share ... My only child is engaged! Today, Aaron, her awesome boyfriend, asked Charlotte to marry him and gave her a very pretty ring. So proud of them and in a year, I will have a son-in-law!

Cheers all!