Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here ye, here ye! My medieval romance is out!

Feed the poor. Find her parents’ murderer. Seek revenge. When Eiry Savoy fakes her own death and takes the outlaw hood as Lady Thief, she thought nothing could derail her plans until Sir Lucian Martine, the Butcher of Acre, is given Castle Sanctuary and made guardian over her little sister. Eiry soon learns man and legend are quite different. Martine is a man most distracting to her purpose, a man who stirs her heart and makes her yearn for his touch.
Can a thief who is determined to save her people and seek vengeance find a hero in a man rumored to lack a soul, whom the Devil himself fears? Or will her enemies see her betrayed by the very man whose heart she would gladly steal for her own?
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